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Big Announcement?

Around 10 p.m. last night millions of Larry Shippers gazed longingly at their screens. Only another night’s and the big announcement made by One Direction would be out! The thoughts were going wild. “Is this finally it? Are they coming out?” With only another hour left to go tensions were growing strong. As the countdown nears zero, thousands hold their breath waiting for the moment when all of their hard work would be worth something. Then, it is posted.

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When I heard of the announcement I started to think I had joined the shipping just in the nick’ of time. Hearing about yet another tour, while it does strike my emotions badly, also allows me a little joy as the crew will be on the road again, allowing millions the opportunity to see them. When I think about the possibilities the announcement itself could have taken, I guess I understand where they are coming from.

The events leading up to this announcement however are starting to create some controversies on their own.

Sources said, “Niall and Louis confirmed that it will change the band’s life.” Perhaps these comments are referring to another announcement that has not yet been released. Or, perhaps it is referring to the video supposedly being posted on May 20th. All I know for certain at this moment, is something is cooking in the One Direction headquarters, and it will not be much longer until that very secret is shared with the world.

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